Wire processing

Cutting, bending welding of wire

UkrMetal provides metal wire processing services. Metal wire is widely used in various industries, for any tasks we can perform:

Bending wire;

Cutting of a wire;

Welding wire.

Wire calibration

Wire cutting is performed for the manufacture of grids, foundation work in which metal rods are used

One of the directions of our enterprise is the cutting of metal wire according to individual length. These works are performed on high-precision equipment under the supervision of a qualified specialist. We can carry out spot welding of cut pieces of wire in a single design. We carry out the bending of wire rods of any complexity.

Advantages of cutting, welding, bending metal wire:

The exact length of each rod;

Neatly done work;

Spot welding, smooth seams;

Performance of work strictly on a Thursday.