Welding works

Welding works

Different types of welding are used depending on the task. UkrMetal carries out the following types of welding:

Semi-automatic welding;

Spot welding;

Arc welding;

Multipoint welding.

Metal welding

In the Ukrainian market in the manufacturing industry, welding services for metal products have always been in demand. This type of metal bonding to each other is very reliable and does not have equivalent alternatives in speed and quality. The staff of UkrMetal has a staff of qualified welders of the highest level, who have many years of experience.

Arc welding is a very common method of joining metals. The welding process occurs without the use of CO2 gas, the electrode interacts directly with the metal surface to form an electric arc, which heats the surface to 5000 degrees Celsius. This welding method is low cost and very fast.

The advantages of electric arc welding:

High speed of welding products;

Low total cost of work;

Reliable fixation of welded parts;

Can be performed in hard to reach places.

Semi-automatic welding of metal - is widely used for projects in which accuracy and invisibility of the weld are required. It is often applicable for welding thin metals, where it is likely to spoil the workpiece. The process takes place with the use of CO2 gas and a wire forming a weld.

Advantages of semi-automatic welding:

Accurate, inconspicuous seam;

Low welding temperature up to 2000 degrees Celsius;

It is possible to combine thin metals;

A wide range of applications.

Spot welding of metal - used in the manufacture of mesh products (gratings, barriers, baskets and other products) consisting of metal rods. This type of welding is carried out on special equipment under computer control, which improves the quality of welding and minimizes rejects.