Punching machine

Coordinate punching of metal

The company will perform coordinate punching and stamping of sheet metal. Stamping can be performed on a modern high-precision machine.


Pressed holes of a given size in the places marked on the drawing will help reduce material consumption and reduce the cost of work.

Punch press

The UkrMetal company provides sheet metal stamping and punching services on the coordinate punching machine of sheet metal throughout Ukraine.

The process of cutting holes in sheet metal under high pressure is very fast and low cost, which gave him great popularity in the field of metalworking. The quality of the parts obtained in this way is very high and doesn`t require further processing. Considering the delivered specification, you can get holes of different shapes and diameters with neatly finished edges without burrs. The process controlled by a computer that can take into account the accuracy of manufacturing 0.05 millimeters and reduce the percentage of rejects to a minimum and tightly fit the figures on a sheet of metal.

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Advantages of the Punch Press

The very high accuracy of the holes obtained in the metal parts is 0.05 mm. This thickness of the cut line significantly increases the number of parts placed on a sheet of metal, which in turn reduces the cost of each unit produced. Equipment that our company has at its disposal can process (stamp, punch) sheet metal of all grades up to 5 mm thick. Experience in this direction gives to us full confidence in the successful manufacture not only single parts, but also complex metal structures.

High processing speed is achieved using modern equipment;

The punch press has filigree accuracy;

In parallel with punching, groove bending can be performed;

When a metal sheet is placed in the machine, scratches are practically eliminated;

The manufacturing process is controlled by computer

Minimal human intervention in manufacturing reduces the percentage of rejects;

Finished parts are automatically removed into the container, without interfering with the process;

Optical sensors constantly monitor the positioning of the head and sheet of metal.

Stamping of sheet metal

The stamping technology is widely used in the construction and industrial sectors, it help components of supporting structures are manufactured. The processing of metal billets by punching and stamping is used for the manufacture of:

Frameworks, industrial and domestic structures, other structures;

Trading equipment, shelving, display cases, cash desks, boxes, etc .;

In the advertising industry are made: stands, billboards, etc .;

All kinds of fences, supports, frames.

Spare parts and parts for cars.

Along with ferrous metal, stamping and punching of non-ferrous metals in Ukraine is possible. UkrMetal accepts both single and serial stamping and punching orders. An individual approach to each customer, a detailed study of each specific project and the creation of a computer model taking into account your wishes and improvements by our technical experts.