Гибка трубы

Bending of pipes

Pipe bending is a necessary procedure to give a round or shaped pipe the desired bend. The process of bending pipes takes place without significant deformation of the pipe itself, there are no cracks, delamination of the metal and other defects.

Round pipe;

Profile pipe.

It is flexible round and profile pipes

High strength and reliability of the design is possible using professional equipment. The production base of our company is the best in Ukraine. Therefore, even the simplest pipe bending is performed at the highest level.

Bent steel is used in industrial facilities, which, in comparison with welding, has certain advantages. First of all, pipe bending has higher reliability. Using this technology, the absence of seams and small defects is guaranteed, which become the weakest link in any design. The process of processing seams is a significant amount of time and effort, and as a result, the cost of the final product grows.

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Advantages of bending round and shaped pipes:

Giving the product the desired shape;

Increases the strength of the structure using a bent pipe;

Pipe installation in a hard-to-reach place is possible;

A friend goes around obstacles in the right places;

The pipe is not deformed;

You can perform any bending angle.