Development and design

Creating 3D-model

We will make a computer 3D model of any part according to your individual order:

Computer 3D model;

Drawing of any mechanism;

Project for production.

Creating a 3D computer model in UK

Computer 3D model of the part being manufactured, a necessary step to achieve maximum quality and speed of order fulfillment.

Modern CNC machines are very precise equipment capable of performing various tasks with mediocre human participation in this process. Like any electronics, a controlled machine performs work according to a program pre-installed in it; the accuracy, speed and quality of the manufactured part directly depend on a correctly compiled 3D model. By contacting UkrMetal you will have at your disposal a whole staff of experienced designers and engineers to correctly complete the task.

Advantages creating a 3D computer model:

Visual implementation of the product;

Ability to work on the smallest details;

Refinement and improvement of the design;

Eliminate the possibility of marriage during creation;

Visually select different color solutions;

Combine several parts into a single design;

Accurate calculation and proportions of the future product.