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Metal processing services

A wide range of metal processing services is offered by a company with many years of experience UkrMetal. The case of the capabilities for processing metal products that we provide was formed over many years of painstaking work with customers who demanded the highest quality of the final result.

Metal processing in Kharkov is possible with the appropriate equipment and qualified personnel who know a lot about their business. Different types of metal require a different approach, for example, to cut sheet metal laser cutting of metal can be used very effectively in Kharkov, this method is fast, the seam is made with a laser beam that burns the metal in seconds with incredible accuracy, leaving no side effects. A metal sheet can be cut into small pieces of different shapes and sizes by first compiling a drawing and setting the cutting parameters to the machine. Not every customer has a ready 3D model of the manufactured part.

The engineering department of the UKRmetal company provides the service of creating 3D models in Kharkov. A drawing in a computer format is necessary for the further manufacture of the structure, firstly, it gives an understanding of the final result, and secondly, the program controls laser cutting by the coordinates of the drawing. After completing the order, the computer model of the product is given to the client, in the future it can be used for re-manufacturing the necessary components.

We try to give our customers the maximum resources for the implementation of their ideas: from practical advice (how to do better) to the provision of material, which saves you from wasting time on searching, buying and transporting blanks.

Metal can not only be cut, but also squeezed coordinate punch press in Kharkov has a number of advantages over laser cutting: speed and low price. To perform the metal punching procedure, a pre-prepared drawing is also required, according to which the apparatus will squeeze out parts of a given shape from the workpiece. But laser cutting, the possibilities of making figures of varying complexity are limited. Before receiving an order for production, an engineer will advise you on what equipment is better and faster to complete the necessary part.

If it is necessary to obtain products of curved shape, metal bending is used in Kharkov on a bending press. Giving the product or sheet metal the required bending angle is possible in manual mode, but the quality of execution undoubtedly speaks in favor of the use of professional equipment. The angle and depth of the bend depends on the nozzles used in the process, which the master sets for each specific project to achieve the desired result. For bending can be used: sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum and a number of other metals.

Pipe bending in Kharkov takes place on other equipment, which is designed specifically to give the round and shaped pipe the right angles in the right direction. Bending a round pipe is most often used in the repair of the exhaust system of a car, the manufacture of handrails, and the laying of heating systems. Pipe bending with a square and rectangular profile is widely used in all kinds of designs.